Yes, I realize it is going to be 90 degrees right through the weekend. But fall starts on Friday and fall colors won't be far behind. In fact, many trees in the area have already begun to turn. You can blame some late hot temperatures for that. If you're wondering when it will be peak fall color viewing, the DNR has some guidelines.

Peak fall colors in northeast Iowa usually occur during the weekend closest to October 10th. Of course, this can vary from year to year based on temperatures and other conditions. Usually, the fall colors progress later the farther south in Iowa you go. In eastern Iowa peak leaf viewing should be through the third week of October, with southern Iowa stretching into late October.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather gets cool, there is no humidity and the bugs are all gone! It's no wonder we travel all over to appreciate the beautiful fall scenery. If you want some fall travel ideas you can get some from the Iowa Tourism website.


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