Sometimes getting a lot of snow isn't something people look forward to. Well what if the snow actually paid off? If you're a Busch Light lover, the snow will pay off for you.

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The company has introduced Busch Snow Day, a promotion where Busch drinkers in 31 states (including Iowa) can get $1 off for every inch of snow. Based on the recent snow totals in places like Des Moines, residents can get up to $6 off their Busch purchase right now. More snow this weekend doesn't seem so bad now does it?

This promotion runs for another couple of months until the first day of spring on Sunday, March 28, and it does have a limit of $15. To track the snowfall totals in your area to see how much of a discount you're going to get, just go to From there, just upload your receipt, put in your zip code, and you're done. Your rebate (up to $15) will be refunded via an Anheuser-Busch prepaid Mastercard or Anheuser-Busch prepaid virtual Mastercard on March 28 based on the total snowball from the entire season.

You must be at least 21 years old to receive the rebate and there's a limit of one submission per person.

Winter can be a brutal season – especially for our loyal fans who are used to spending their best days outdoors, so Snow Day is our way to remind them that snowfall can be something to look forward to, especially if it means an opportunity to stock the fridge and save on Busch.”- Daniel Blake, Vice President of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch,

Other eligible states around Iowa include IL, MN, ND, WI, MI, and KS. Eligible purchases include "one or more packages of Busch (18-pack, 24-pack or 30-pack cans or bottles), Busch Light (18-pack, 24-pack or 30-pack cans or bottles), Busch Ice (18-pack cans or bottles) or Busch N/A (12-pack cans or bottles)".

Snow days aren't so bad after all. Cheers!

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