Here we go again! According to the Unicode Consortium, over 150 new emojis were just selected to be part of Emoji 11.0. Do you know what this means? There are now 2,823 approved emojis! I use MAYBE eight on a weekly basis, so I think that number is a bit excessive, but what do I know?

Now, there ARE a few emojis in this update that I think people could get excited about, especially redheads. That's right! After years of blonde, brown, and black hair, redheads will finally be represented in the emoji universe. Not just redheads, but also people with curly hair, white hair, and baldness. Brain will finally have an emoji just for him!

Some of the other notable emojis include hot/cold faces, a "woozy" face (aka a drunk guy), a party face, male/female superheroes and villains, and a pleading face. Some of the more random additions are a pirate flag, a lotion bottle, a llama, an abacus, and a hippo. Not sure when I'll ever need ANY of those, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

To check out the official list of all 157 new emojis, coming in the second half of this year, click HERE.

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