On Sunday Night Football on NBC, as the 49ers took on the Green Bay Packers, University of Iowa graduate George Kittle introduced himself and the college he attended, saying "Tight End University."

"George Kittle, Tight End University."

Why did he say that? Most likely because the University of Iowa has had a load of Tight End position players in the National Football League.

According to ourlads.com -- including practice team members -- the University of Iowa has a current total of five Tight Ends in the pros.

George Kittle - San Francisco 49ers (Played at Iowa 2013-2016)
TJ Hockensen - Detroit Lions (Played at Iowa 2017-2018)
Noah Fant - Denver Broncos (Played at Iowa 2016-2018)
Shaun Beyer - Denver Broncos (Played at Iowa 2017-2020)
Parker Hesse - Atlanta Falcons (Played at Iowa 2015-2018 - was a Linebacker and Defensive End)

At least one Iowa Hawkeyes player has been drafted in 43 consecutive drafts. In 2019, Iowa had two tight ends selected in the same first round for the first time in NFL draft history. (TJ Hockensen and Noah Fant)

1958 - Jim Gibbons was drafted by the Cleveland Browns
1985 - Jonathan Hayes was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs
1989 - Marv Cook was drafted by the New England Patriots
1991 - Michael Titley was drafted by the Miami Dolphins
1996 - Scott Slutzker was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts
2000 - Austin Wheatley was drafted by the New Orleans Saints
2003 - Dallas Clark was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts
2004 - Erik Jensen was drafted by the St. Louis Rams
2005 - Tony Jackson was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks
2007 - Scott Chandler was drafted by the San Diego Chargers
2009 - Brandon Myers was drafted by the Oakland Raiders
2010 - Tony Moeaki was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs
2014 - C.J. Fiedorowicz was drafted by the Houston Texans

The above is a list of Tight Ends that were drafted in the NFL. Many more signed with teams as Free Agents:

Dominique Dafney currently plays for the Green Bay Packers. Played two seasons with the Hawkeyes before transferring to Indiana State.

Zeron Flemister played in the NFL from 2000-2005 and played with the Iowa Hawkeyes in the late-1990s.

Brad Herman played with the Hawkeyes from 2009-2011. He was signed by the Patriots as a Free Agent in 2012 but never played in the NFL.

Henry Krieger-Coble (Who is a cousin of George Kittle) played in three games in the NFL between 2016-2017. He caught one pass with the Broncos. He played for the Hawkeyes from 2012-2015.

Derek Price played one season in the NFL with the Lions catching one pass. He caught six passes with the Iowa Hawkeyes in his two seasons in 1994-1995.

Marion-native Allen Reisner was signed by the Vikings as a Free Agent in 2011. He played three seasons in the NFL catching seven passes. He played with Iowa from 2007-2010.

Andy Thorn played with Iowa for just one season in the early-1990s.  He played one game in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys in 2006. He played two seasons for the Hawkeyes in the early-2000s before transferring to UNI.

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