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Rascal Flatts lead singer Gary LeVox is a proud dad, and he decided it was time to show the world how his talent has been passed on, bringing his daughter onstage at a recent show.

Sixteen-year-old Brittany joined Dad for a performance of the trio's song “I Won’t Let Go" at FireCreek Casino in Battle Creek, Mich., on Aug. 4, and she killed it.

At first, she seems a bit nervous, but Dad encourages her to give it all she’s got, making sure that she can hear herself in the monitors — and she comes into her own. It’s a little difficult to hear her at times, but the big notes make it clear she’s definitely got her dad’s skills. After standing by and beaming proudly, LeVox joins in toward the end as a duet, then shows off a little with his vocal runs as she smiles.

LeVox knows he’s a lucky man to be Brittany’s dad, and he’s shared this before with radio host Bobby Bones.

Earlier this year, the host explained he was talking to Brittany recently — he notes he used to live in the same neighborhood as LeVox’s family — backstage at a Rascal Flatts show and Brittany was sharing how proud she is of her dad.

“This is what I want to do. I'm so proud of my dad that it almost makes me want to cry,” Bones quoted Brittany as saying. LeVox nodded and commented about how sweet it was, but also noted her talent in light of her career desires.

“She’s got it,” he added.

Rascal Flatts just released their tenth studio album, Back to Us, which they’ve said is a return to the sound that made them who they are today after a slightly left-of-center exploration with Rewind.

“With this being our tenth album, we knew we wanted to be careful and deliberate in how we approached it. This time around, the three of us have been able to really focus and work together on what we want to say at this point in our careers. We’ve all been so energized by the process of making this album, and we still have a lot more music to make, and we still actually like each other ...  for now,” LeVox jokes.

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