Many of the dogs that we introduce you to on Furry Friday's are miracles. But thanks to modern medicine, this week we got to meet Loraine. She was an owner surrender and is just a puppy! She is somewhere between 6 and 8 months old, but she's already had a pretty tough road. She just had major surgery about a week ago to clear up some gastro-intestinal issues that were causing her to throw up constantly. She was unable to keep and put on weight it was so bad. The vet said that lots of scar tissue in her abdomen were the culprit. It was likely there because she was kicked as a young puppy.

To see Loraine now you'd never know she had medical issues. She is still healing from her injuries and is in foster care but she'll eventually be looking for her forever home. She is currently staying with Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. A big thank you to Critter Crusaders for rescuing her and paying for her medical bills. She was definitely worth saving!

You can donate to Loraine's GoFundMe page HERE!

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