Cats can sleep just about anywhere. In cardboard boxes, countertops, and other odd places. Just because they can sleep in some random places doesn't mean that they would prefer to. In fact, they'd probably appreciate a nice, comfortable bed just for them. That's where the Friends Helping Friends Foundation comes in.

The Friends Helping Friends Foundation is "a local, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and expanding the programs and activities of Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control." The organization also raises funds to help educate the community "to ensure the welfare of pets and animals in Cedar Rapids," according to their website.

The organization's latest good deed "Every Cat Deserves a Mat" is providing 150 pet beds to shelter cats and kittens at the Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control. According to a press release, Friends Helping Friends teamed up with The Dostal House (an organization of women supporting other women in business) to fund and collect materials for the cat mats. JOANN Fabrics and Crafts discounted the materials to make the mats, and cat-lover volunteer Vicki Thompson put all of the mats together. That's team work!

The cat mats will arrive at the shelter this afternoon, just in time for the holidays. Not only will the fleece mats be warm and comfy, but all of the fun colors and patterns will brighten up the shelter. These are going to be some comfortable kitties.

You can find out more about the foundation here, and if you're looking to adopt, check out some of the pets up for adoption on their Pet Finder site.

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