Tuesday's high temperature in Iowa City was 95 degrees, 14 degrees above normal. The Police Chief in nearby West Liberty, Kary Kinmonth, used the hot day to prove a point. A very hot point.

Kinmonth climbed into a police vehicle, in the sun, with the windows up. When he got inside the temperature was 80 degrees. In ten minutes, the temperature had risen 42 degrees, to 122. The intense heat actually broke the thermometer.

via West Liberty Police Facebook
via West Liberty Police Facebook

According to CBS 2, Kinmonth was hoping to stay in the vehicle for 20 minutes. He only made it half that time before he couldn't take it anymore. It's a stark reminder that you can't leave a child or pet in a vehicle, even for a few minutes.

Kinmonth says that "about every ten days a child dies from being left in a car unattended." Let's make sure none of them are in Iowa.

[via CBS 2 and Facebook]

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