According to a new study, agreeable employees may be making less money than their less-agreeable coworkers.

Even though productivity is about the same, the agreeable employees are less likely to push for raises, focus too much on teamwork, and are too concerned about being well-liked. An agreeable employee was described in this study as trustworthy, compliant, sympathetic, and modest. Women were found to display more of these traits than men.

The reason for this is that they help others too much, which can decrease individual productivity, they are less effective when it comes to debating their wage, and they also work in less-stable and lower-paid jobs.

So it turns out that being a little less nice can actually HELP your career!

I definitely used to be one of those overly-agreeable employees when I first started working, but I have gradually become a little bit more tough. Letting people walk all over you is exhausting!

Via Daily Mail