Former Hawkeye football player Tyler Sash suffered from the degenerative brain disease known as C.T.E. Boston University's Concussion Legacy Foundation confirmed the diagnosis Tuesday night. They also said that Sash had an advanced stage rarely seen by someone his age.  The 27-year-old was found dead in his Oskaloosa home September 8th.

C.T.E. unfortunately can only be diagnosed after a player's death. Sash's mother donated his brain to be tested. C.T.E. has been linked to severe brain trauma. Symptoms can include memory loss, impaired judgement, depression, and eventually dementia.

Sash left the University of Iowa following the 2010 season and was a 6th round draft pick of the New York Giants. Sash suffered at least 2 concussions while playing in the NFL. He was eventually cut in 2012. An autopsy showed that Sash died from a mixture of methadone and hydrocodone, and noted that C.T.E. also played a part in his death. Sash was reportedly suffering from memory loss, confusion and problems with his temper.

Sash's family says the diagnosis "makes sense". It's another sad case of a football player being killed by the game he loved.

[via ESPN]

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