Sometimes a player has to know when to say 'when.' Former Iowa tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz might have reached that point in 2017. He suffered three concussions last season and spent much of the year on the injured reserve. Now, he is considering sitting out the 2018 season and possibly retiring.

Fiedorowicz says he suffered the first concussion in week one versus Jacksonville when a guy "knocked me out." That hit landed him on injured reserve for 8 weeks. He came back but wasn't the same. He said that he was timid and wasn't able to play loose and free. He was worried about the next hit. He played in four more games before going back on IR for the remainder of the season.

Fiedorowicz is under contract with Houston for the 2018 season after signing a contract extension last offseason. He'll make $5 million this year, but that is cut to $2.8 million if he is unable to play because of concussions. He stated that he planned on reporting for the Texan's offseason workouts, but says now he isn't sure if he'll play in 2018.


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