Former Iowa Hawkeye Chad Greenway now has a new product available on grocery store shelves in eastern Iowa and it's named after a popular children's game. Sort of.

Greenway, who went on to play with the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League started his own line of vodka last summer. It's called Gray Duck Handcrafted Vodka and is named after this Minnesota Vikings touchdown "dance" following a score by Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph.

Greenway told the Iowa City Press-Citizen,

I grew up in South Dakota playing the kids' game Duck, Duck, Goose. But in Minnesota, all four of my kids play Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.

We wanted to name our product that is sourced here, made here and partially bottled here after something that is very Minnesotan, so we went with Gray Duck.

Gray Duck Handcrafted Vodka is 80-proof and gluten-free. It's made totally from Minnesota corn. According to their website, it's available in Cedar Rapids at the Johnson Avenue and Wilson Avenue Hy-Vee stores and the Fareway in the Town and Country Shopping Center. See the full list of locations here.

Prices are in the range of $21.99 (one-liter) to $26.99 (1.75-liter). If you'd like Chad to sign a bottle, he'll be doing that at the Iowa launch party for Gray Duck Thursday, April 18 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. It will be held at the St. Burch Tavern at 127 Iowa Avenue in Iowa City.

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