Have you been looking for that special someone in your life? I'm not talking about someone to date. I'm talking about something that will give you unconditional love-- a pet! Well, I have some good news. There's now a website that kind of works like a dating site, only it matches potential pet owners with dogs. It's called 'PawsLikeMe'.

All across the country, dogs are given away or back to shelters because they weren't a "good fit" for their families. PawsLikeMe is hoping to cut back on those so-called 'mismatches'. According to DailyDot.com, "The dogs available for adoption through the site come from local shelters or from people looking to safely, responsibly re-home their animals." PawsLikeMe is based in Florida, but luckily for us it has now spread nationwide!

Basically, here's how it works. When you go to the website, they invite you to take a 'Pet Compatibility Test'. That test will then match your personality and lifestyle with a dog that it best fits it. The test is created with what they call a 'Pet Matching Algorithm'. According to the website, this algorithm "matches scores by combining four core personality quadrants for canine and human, then applies scoring weights based on environmental and special factors, and combines that with pre-filtering based on your specific needs." Here's a look at the algorithm via PawsLikeMe:


The four personality quadrants include energy, confidence, focus, and independence. The site states that these quadrants "influence the human-canine bond."

CEO and co-founder of PawsLikeMe, Elizabeth Holmes, told USA Today Network that "There is a personality that a dog has and that all animals have that is very individual and goes beyond breed characteristics." Based on those factors, this test is the best way to match your personality to that of a furry companion. Sounds pretty legit to me! And guess what!? The quiz only takes 3-5 minutes. That's no time to find your forever cuddle buddy.

If you're looking to adopt locally, there are a lot of great local animal shelters around Cedar Rapids that have tons of pets looking for their forever homes. These include places like the Cedar Valley Humane Society and Last Hope Animal Rescue. Check out a video of one of the adoptable animals from Last Hope right here:

Happy hunting! I'm sure you won't be disappointed with ANY of these matches.

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