Welcome to luxury. The most expensive home for sale in the corridor is this 15,000+ square foot home, that sits on more than 22 1/2 acres. The price tag is $2.5 million, but it's pretty obvious why. This place is gorgeous!

That last shot of the heated pool... yes, please. It also includes a sauna and jacuzzi, by the way. One thing that strikes me as a bit unique, is the fact the home has seven bathrooms (four full and three half) despite the fact it has only three bedrooms. Then again, I would guess those are pretty spacious bedrooms.

The home is located at 2146 Crystal Creek Road, Springville. You can check out the full listing for this beautiful place HERE. Grab a look at the home's "flipbook" HERE or take a virtual tour of the house, inside and out, HERE.

[via Ruhl Homes, My Matter Port, Koaware, Fliphtml5, and Zillow]

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