When it comes to food, nobody knows it better than Food Network! I was scrolling through their website when I came across an article titled, "Hungry in the Hawkeye State: What to Eat in Iowa." The list includes 12 classic Iowa dishes that everyone who visits Iowa needs to try. After looking through the list, I'm kind of ashamed by how many things I haven't tasted yet! I still haven't had a Maid-Rite or Iowa sweet corn! How many of the items have you tried? Look through the list below and let us know!

(The photos I chose may not be from locations specifically listed in the original article. I looked through photos from many Iowa restaurants to pick the ones that looked the most delicious!)

  • Gas Station Pizza (photo from Casey's in Cedar Rapids)
  • Iowa Sweet Corn
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream (photo from Blue Bunny in Le Mars)
  • Steak de Burgo (photo from Union 29 in West Des Moines)

  • Anderson Erickson Products

Let us know how many out of 12 you've had in the comments below!

Read more on each item selected by Food Network HERE.

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