In a behind-the-scenes look at the new Justin Clough-directed music video for their new single “Simple,” Florida Georgia Line showcases the endearing throwback elements of a time when days were a bit more carefree and life was a bit sweeter.

And in the world we live in these days, that just feels good.

“We just got freshened up in our '30s attire, and it’s a beautiful day in Nashville,” quips FGL’s Tyler Hubbard alongside bandmate Brian Kelley, both looking downright dapper in clothes to fit the setting of the video.

The clip, filmed at Nashville’s historic plantation house Travellers Rest, takes fans on a trip to the past—demonstrated beautifully via vintage clothing and period hairstyles. It also hearkens back to a sweeter time, when dating didn't involve swiping or texting. “I took her to a nice party earlier,” comments the actor who plays one-half of the video’s leading couple. “We did some dancing and broke some glasses and spilled some wine. It was a blast.”

The making of the video sounded like it was also a blast for the country duo. “'Simple' felt just right to start our next chapter and I’m so proud of this video,” Hubbard said in a recent press release. “The ease in this song, this story line, it’s all so reflective of where we are right now in our own lives…enjoying the little—and simple—things.”

“With this feel-good tune, we’re going back to basics…the stripped-down roots,” added Kelley. “We’re so excited that fans are vibing with its simple nature.”

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