The guys of Florida Georgia Line are both happily married, and they strive to keep their relationships the utmost priority. They've always said this, but the duo proved it to be true in a small way, bringing their wives onstage at a recent show in Chicago to honor them in front of all their fans — a total surprise to the women.

“They’re gonna be so angry at us that we did this to them. They’re totally not expecting this right now,” Tyler Hubbard tells the crowd in th evideo as his wife, Hayley and bandmate Brian Kelley’s wife, Brittney, make their way to the stage.

Kelley explains that the date of the Chicago concert was their last stadium show of the year, and they wanted to make it known that they wouldn’t be able to do this job without their wives by their side every step of the way.

“We would not be here without you supporting us, keeping us inspired, keeping us healthy, keeping us loved on,” Kelley says as they hand their ladies flowers. “We are completely blessed by the both of you.”

The singer goes on to say just how much importance they place on their roles as husbands, even in the business they're in, which often puts strain on relationships.

“Tyler said from day one when we both decided to get married that we were going to be different husbands in this industry, and we just have to prove that by our actions day by day,” he adds in the fan-captured video.

The duo then enlisted the crowd for one more chorus of their song "H.O.L.Y.," dedicated to Brittney and Hayley.

Kelley and Brittney married in 2013. Hubbard married Hayley in 2015, and they are now expecting their first child, which they first believed was going to be a boy thanks to a misread blood test. However, the couple are actually expecting a daughter.

More evidence that Florida Georgia Line have had a great year? Their latest album Dig Your Roots recently went platinum.

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