Residents and business leaders in Dubuque hoped this day would never come. But now, despite their best efforts, Flexsteel has announced that they will be closing their Duqubue manufacturing plant.

KCRG TV reports that Flexsteel will conclude operations in Dubuque at the end of June. Workers at the plant said that news of the closure did not come as much of a surprise, saying that "it was only a matter of time."

Just three years ago the city of Dubuque did everything they could to keep Flexsteel from leaving town. KCRG notes that the city along with the nonprofit Dubuque Initiatives partnered to keep the company in town, including providing $10 million in tax incentives and help to build a new facility. Now, Flexsteel is breaking that promise and leaving town.

Rick Dickinson, the president of the Greater Dubuque Development Corporation, told KCRG that the loss of jobs is tough given the current state of the economy. He says what hurts the most is that they thought this had been avoided three years ago.


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