Expanding medical marijuana and legalizing sports betting are two laws that recently passed the Iowa legislature and now only need Gov. Kim Reynolds' signature to be enacted into law.

But Iowa Public Radio points out these five items are among several bills that did not pass, but could be hashed out in congress later this year. By 2020 they could all become laws.

1. Felon voting rights. Gov. Reynolds proposed a constitutional amendment that would automatically restore voting rights to Iowans with felony convictions who complete their sentences. 

2. Medicaid work requirements. Senate Republicans passed a bill that would require some Medicaid recipients to report they are working or volunteering at least 20 hours a week in order to receive government-funded health insurance.  

3. Birth control access. Kim Reynolds proposed legislation that would allow Iowans to get some forms of birth control directly from a pharmacist, without first going to a clinic. The Senate passed this with bipartisan support, and that doesn't happen often enough. 

4. Traffic cameras. Republican lawmakers failed to agree on how to deal with traffic cameras. The Senate passed a full ban on traffic cameras. The House was considering a proposal that would require cities to give 60% of camera ticket revenue to the state. 

5. Gun legislation. Bills that would have expanded Iowans' ability to bring guns onto school and work property failed to pass. Another attempt at passing a bill to drop the requirement that Iowans get a permit before buying or carrying a gun also failed. 

Where do you stand on each of these issues?

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