Chances are you know someone who doesn't just like athletic shoes but LOVES them. Back when I was in high school I knew a kid my age who collected athletic shoes. He had them displayed in his room like trophies. I didn't get it. It turns out my friend was just ahead of the times. Today, collecting athletic shoes is a huge hobby. Whether it's original issue Air Jordan's or special edition Olympic Addidas, athletic shoes are hugely collectible. Fans of the hobby will be happy to know about an event hitting Iowa City this weekend.

Kick-It is a sneaker expo being held in Iowa City on Saturday. Organizers believe it is the first event of its kind to be held in Eastern Iowa. The expo will be held from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at RADinc, located at 123 East Washington Street in Iowa City. Organizers say they have at least 11 vendors lined up and hope to secure several more before the weekend. Admission is $5 and you are allowed to bring in up to four pairs of shoes to sell or trade.

So if you have some athletic shoes that are in great condition and don't know what to do with, or are a serious collector looking to add a rare pair to your collection, Kick-It is the place to be this weekend.! You can check out their Facebook event page HERE for more information.

[via Gazette]

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