You'll hear the boom of fireworks in Cedar Rapids more than a month before the 4th of July.

A special Friday morning meeting of the Cedar Rapids City Council has resulted in the official go-ahead to fireworks use in the city from June 1 through July 8. It will also be legal to set off fireworks in Cedar Rapids late in the year, for about three-and-a-half weeks. Those dates are December 10 thru January 3. Fireworks can be used at any time, day or night, during those time frames.

According to KCRG, Cedar Rapids Fire Chief Mark English wanted to continue the ban against personal fireworks use due to safety concerns, but the City Council didn't agree, voting 5-2 to allow their use.

Personally, I'm on board with what council member Scott Olson wanted to do. He recommended allowing fireworks to be used only two days in July... the 3rd and on Independence Day itself, July 4. His other recommendation was for New Year's Eve (throughout the day) and New Year's Day. Still, I understand why the city didn't go that route. This is an economic move for the state, and possibly for the city which could welcome new businesses, as a result. Telling residents they could only use them for four days a year, instead of 62, certainly wouldn't make anyone aspire to open a new business.

My biggest concern, as fireworks season approaches in Cedar Rapids, is our dog. Casey is literally scared of plants that have fallen over onto our patio. Anything out of the ordinary seems to be a reason for concern, to him. Hopefully, he'll adjust to the new ordinary of fireworks quickly. I might just have to invest in some soundproof headphones for him. What do you think the over-under is on keeping those on his head? I'd say two seconds, tops.

Julie James
Julie James

[via KCRG]

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