It's been a bountiful season, but Autumn's chill brings this year's farmer markets to a close. Dubuque's farmer market has been in business since 1845, one can only imagine how food has changed since then...

"The Dubuque Farmers’ Market is the oldest Farmers’ Market in the state of Iowa. Farmers’ Market was originally held in the City Hall building. When the building was first opened in 1858, farmers backed their wagons up to the long windows on the northern and southern sides of the building and unloaded their produce into stalls inside the building. In December 1879 with the remodeling of the building, the market was eliminated from the building and the space used for offices. The market continued outside, sprawling over many city blocks at that time. The market was briefly discontinued in the early 1970s due to declining attendance. It was reinvigorated by then Mayor C. Robert Justmann who encouraged arts and crafts to be added to the traditional display of produce from gardens and area farmers. Dubuque Main Street was assigned management of the Dubuque Farmers’ Market in the mid-1990s. Since then the market has grown dramatically, with 2014 ending with more than 110 registered vendors, the most recorded in more than 30 years. A resurgence of interest in local foods has no doubt helped the market to grow."-

Make sure to stop by before the end of the season, and know you're doing good for the community as well. Iowa ranks 50th (dead last) in consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. 33 million acres of Iowa land is reserved for food, and yet 84% consumed is imported from out of state. That's why it's important to support events like this, and the Double Up Food Bucks program supports local farmers and business by matching what you pay. So bring kids, friends and even pets!

"...well behaved, vaccinated, leashed dogs are allowed at the Dubuque Farmers’ Market. Leashes may not be longer than 36″. Dubuque Farmers’ Market reserves the right to ask any pet and its owner to leave the premises at any time."-