The line in the movie 'Field of Dreams' said what the sign does above: "Is This Heaven? No, it's Iowa." It truly is and a visit to the movie site on Tuesday for the first minor league baseball game ever played there confirmed it. Anyone that was there and didn't feel the magic simply wasn't trying.

We arrived at the Field of Dreams shortly after 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon ahead of the Cedar Rapids Kernels (Bunnies) game against the Quad Cities River Bandits (Davenport Blue Sox). They were well prepared, allowing no one into the site without a parking pass. After being backed up in traffic for a little while we arrived and parked to the south of the stadium. I swear the minute I stepped out of the vehicle and my left foot hit the ground, I felt the magic.

I marveled as I looked north toward the original Field of Dreams and the beautiful, but simple home from the 1989 movie that sits next to it. Sure, I've been to the movie site many times before but this was different.

There were men dressed in the Chicago White Sox uniforms from the movie seemingly everywhere. One stood by a welcome sign and took pictures with anyone that wanted one. Event staff seemed to be everywhere. I overheard one woman say "It's a pretty great gig."

Check out the photos from Tuesday below and be sure to scroll down to the video at the bottom. It was, without a doubt, my favorite part of the entire experience.

Field of Dreams Game Featuring the Cedar Rapids Kernels

Cedar Rapids was the Bunnies for the day as they played the Quad Cities River Bandits, who were the Davenport Blue Sox. Both were an ode to team names of the individual cities nearly a century ago. Played on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, it was the first minor league baseball game ever played at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa.

As a Kernels (Bunnies) fan, it certainly wasn't the outcome we wanted but it was still a ton of fun. My favorite part was heading to the stadium. You entered the corn in center field of the original Field of Dreams:

Even though we already know there won't be a major league game at the Field of Dreams next year, I hope this year isn't the end. It's an experience many more fans need to be able to enjoy.

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