Sometimes when you move into a new place, it seems really nice, until you move in and find out about the train that goes by at 3am, the door that doesn't shut, and the floor in the living room that slants down. For this family, they found something more.

18-year-old Annabell Mickelson and her family recently bought a new home, they were told it had previously been a "party house."

It wasn't an issue, until they noticed that the mirror was mounted tight to the wall, rather than hang on nails. She filmed the ordeal on TikTok, starting with a video of her dad cutting into the drywall on the other side of the mirror.

Not only did the family find a hidden set of cabinets behind the drywall, they found a two-way mirror as well as BNC cables that ran all over the house, which are how security cameras are powered and transfer data. "There are cameras that surround the house and we couldn't figure out where the cameras went to," Annabell said. "And there are cameras that led into the back gate so you could let people in. The neighbours have told us this as one of them used to party with this dude and he knew everything about him."

One day, someone showed up at the house looking for the $25,000 hidden in the garden. They have suspicions that the house was once owned by the cartel.

TikTok is hungry for more info about the house, waiting impatiently for the next installment of the story.

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