Back in February of 2019, we informed you about fake money being used in Cedar Rapids. The bills weren't exactly counterfeit, but instead were actually movie money. Yes, money meant for motion pictures.

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Iowa News Now reported that the Cedar Rapids Police Department saw an increased amount of this motion picture money flowing throughout the city. It looks so real that it's hard to catch without taking a close look. Upon closer look though, you'll notice these fake bills say "For Motion Picture Use Only" in the upper right side. If you see that, you'll know it's fake. The Iowa News Now report states that you can also check for "red and blue fibers embedded throughout the bill and watermarks" to make sure that the money is real.

Just when we thought this movie money had made its way out of the state, it rears its head again. Now, KYOU News is reporting that this motion picture money is showing up in Fairfield, Iowa. Fairfeild police investigated " subjects passing counterfeit $100 bills" on the morning of Friday June 5, according to the report.

Business owners and the community are encouraged to be on the lookout for these bills, and in the event you come across any, call the police. They will respond to seize them. You will have the option to press criminal charges if you choose.

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