Gender reveal parties are all the rage now, but NOBODY is going to be able to top this one!

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill made a stop in Moline on Saturday on their "SOUL2SOUL" Tour, and I honestly don't think the show could've been any better. Tim and Faith seem like such genuine and kind people, and that really shined through throughout the concert. There were some very powerful moments during the show, including Tim's performance of "Humble and Kind" (I may or may not have teared up), but the best moment had to be when Faith Hill participated in a gender reveal for one lucky concert-goer.

At one point early on in the concert, Faith Hill noticed a woman in the audience by the name of Vikki Kula. Vikki is pregnant, and instead of your standard gender reveal party, she wanted to take things to the next level. She brought an envelope with her that had the sex of her baby on it, but she had not yet looked at it. She asked Faith Hill to open the envelope for her and reveal her baby's gender to the entire crowd. Faith very happily obliged. Here's a video of the big moment:

It just so happens that Vikki lives right here in KHAK country! During the show when they showed Vikki on the big screen, Brain leaned over to me and said, "I know her!" We knew right then that we had to get her for an interview. This morning, we were able to do just that! Here's our interview of Vikki and her husband Rodney from this morning's show:

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