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Who else has been craving a lemonade shakeup? Or a corn dog? Maybe a funnel cake? Don't they just all sound sooooo good, and by this point of the year, you've had about 4 of each (we ain't judging).

But why are we craving so much greasy fair food? Besides the fact that we are Midwesterner's, the global pandemic really put a damper on things. Basically every fair has been canceled throughout the year and this has deprived us of our personal freedom to eat like crap. Fortunately, the fried food fair gods are watching out for us and you have a chance to get your fair fix next weekend.

Officials at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds announced on social media on Tuesday that they will be hosting a Fair Food Fest next weekend weekend, August 28 ththrough the 29th.

According to their social media post, the Fair Food Fest will be 2 days long. It starts on Friday, August 28th and ends on Saturday, August 29th. This will be an opportunity for people to come and get their fair food fix. The name of food vendors have not been announced yet, but patrons can expect between 6 to 10 concessions on the fairgrounds.

The hours of the fair each are will be from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., or until product from the vendors is sold out. The other great part? Admission is free.

Officials from the Mississippi Valley Fair say that have "more surprises and details soon!"

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