Heading out for the Thanksgiving holiday? Keep your eyes on the road and on your speed.

With the weather forecast calling for favorable traveling, the Iowa State Patrol is expecting the roadways to be extremely busy. Sgt. Nathan Ludwig told WHOTV “plan on seeing extra cars and extra law enforcement.”

Along with the Thanksgiving travelers driving through the state, there's other events going on like the Iowa Nebraska football game going on at Kinnick on Friday afternoon. "Interstate 80 is going to be a zoo,” said Sgt. Ludwig to WHOTV, “We know Husker fans are going to use I-80. With a 2:30 p.m. kick-off it gives fans a little extra time to tailgate too.”

Besides the Hawkeye game, it's Black Friday... one of the busiest shopping day in America. Ludwig told WHOTV, “With all of those factors, it could potentially be the busiest five-day stretch on Iowa roads in the history of the state.”

Another thing Law Enforcement Officers will be watching for is intoxicated drivers. The Iowa State Patrol on average has arrested 19 drivers during the days surrounding Thanksgiving.

"That number is at least double the normal average and doesn’t factor in local police departments across the state,” said Ludwig.

This weekend, the Iowa State Patrol will enact the “Combined Accident Reduction Effort” otherwise known as C.A.R.E. The Iowa State Patrol will be out in force this weekend.


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