The 2020 Census has delivered Iowa's latest population counts, and with those numbers now tallied and released, we find several new little towns qualifying as one of our Ten Tiniest Towns in Iowa.  

For the past several years, the smallest town in the state has been the itty bitty burg of LeRoy, IA.

According to IowaHomeTownLocator as of July 1, 2020 LeRoy has a population of just 14.  So now LeRoy has officially beaten it's arch rival Beaconsfield, another blip on the map that came in at a 15 count population, in the just-released 2020 US Census.

These top two small towns have had populations flip flops over the years, at some point both have been ranked lowest in a competition that's seems older than dirt.

But now there are some other interesting places that can also claim a place on this short list of the five smallest Iowa towns.

According to IowaHomeTownLocator, the town of Bartlett has a population of 49. It looks like a cozy place, with comfortable median home values and above-average earners. Bartlett is #5 on our Small Town List.

The small towns of Bolan, IA and Meyer, IA are tied for #4, each with an official population of 32 persons.

Jacksonville, IA boasts a small town population just a bit lower than Bolan and Meyer, clocking in at 30 heartbeats in the 2020 Census. That makes it our #3.

Next is Beaconsfield, coming in 2nd place with a population of 15.  And the #1 LeRoy is officially the smallest town with a population of just 14 citizens.

Hey, that's big news and gives LeRoy bragging least for now...

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