In Eastern Iowa, every place is famous for something. If that sounds like a challenge to you, then let's go exploring.

You may have heard about Iowa's Largest Frying Pan in Brandon Iowa. Don't judge. It put this small town on the map...but that's about all you can say about that. Here are a few other small-town wonders from the great state of Iowa:

Five Famous Small Iowa Towns

Ripley's Believe It or Not! says that Burlington, Iowa is the town with the world's most "crooked street". Known as Snake Alley it winds its way for about one block in the Heritage Hill District in downtown

The American Gothic Barn near Mt. Vernon is slightly hidden off Highway 30, just east of the Palisades-Kepler State Park entrance. It's a colorful sight and just one of several things to see in the small town known as the home of Cornell College.

Savor The Barn in Monticello blends the authentic feel of an old town country general store with fresh meats, cheeses, and homemade jams. Throw in a hipster winery and you have a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

Protivin is the home of Polashek's Meats and The Iowa Gallivant is a big fan. Fresh summer sausage, breakfast sausage, Czech get the picture!

The bald eagles of Decorah are known worldwide. But it's just one of the things that makes this charming northern Iowa town famous. Other spots to check out include the Vesterheim Norweigan-American Museum, Luther College, and the Seed Savers Heritage Farm.

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