As the number of teens that live in my house slowly increase, so do the full circle parenting moments. The one that currently makes me laugh is the battle that I have with my son Chase over music. Specifically what music is played on the car ride home from school.

I remember riding around with my parents back when I was a kid. When I got to junior high I had developed my own taste in music. I had to have my station on the radio, or the cassette from my favorite group playing. What they liked was old, and dumb. Chase and I are entering that battlefield now. I get that he doesn't like country music right now. Someday he'll discover it and he'll realize the error of his ways. But that doesn't bother me right now. What does bother me is his disregard for the classics, man!

I picked him up a couple of days ago and was rocking out to this classic in my car.

Ever since the tragic passing of Eddie Van Halen, I've been listening to a lot of their music. This song was the final hit single for the group during the David Lee Roth era. Now while I don't expect Chase to know the history of the band, I didn't expect him to say that this classic rock song sounded 'old' and something he'd be embarrassed to be listening to with the windows down.

But kids, most of them anyway, don't care about what is 'good'. They want what is new, and current. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of that stuff too, even today. But there is so much music you could be discovering if you just listened to your parents one in awhile! If I'd listened to mine sooner, I would have found out about the music of The Beatles sooner than I did. The Beach Boys. John Denver. Glenn Campbell. Classic artists that I didn't appreciate until later in life.

When a classic artist passes like EVH, its a chance to educate anyone who didn't realize their greatness, as to what they're missing. I haven't broken through with Chase yet. But I'm not done trying. I'll see him again at 3 p.m. today!

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