Eli Young Band have been together for nearly two decades, but in a new interview with Taste of Country Nights, they say they're just now feeling things really come together in their musical and personal lives.

Mike Eli and James Young met in 2000 while they were both attending college at the University of North Texas, and they formed a duo before adding Jon Jones and Chris Thompson to form the Eli Young Band. They released their debut album, Level, in 2005, but didn't score a hit until 2008, when "Always the Love Songs" reached No. 11 from their Jet Black & Jealous album. They've since scored a string of No. 1 hits that includes "Crazy Girl," "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" and "Drunk Last Night," scoring their most recent chart-topper with "Love Ain't" in 2018. The group are preparing to release a new song called "Break It In," and they say they've entered a new phase that seems like they're finally settled.

"We feel like it's one of those kinds of songs where the timing is perfect," Eli says. "'Love Ain't' was kind of the beginning of the next chapter for us, and I think after twenty years of being a band, we're feeling like we're just now kinda getting this thing right."

He says there's a "life lesson" in that realization, "that you can always grow and you can always get better at what you do. I feel like we're kind of just hitting our stride in a serious way. I think our shows have never been better, our lives have never been better, our positivity has never been better. Everything just feels great, and I think that musically, we're just hitting our stride."

That's the theme of "Break It In," he adds.

"Sometimes the best things have a few dents and take some time," Eli reflects.

Listen to Eli Young Band's Interview With Taste of Country Nights:

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