People have come from all over the U.S. to help us with storm recovery these past couple of weeks!

Just three days after that devastating derecho hit the state of Iowa, a Christian non-profit organization by the name of Eight Days of Hope arrived in the Cedar Rapids-area to help the community. A press release from St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Marion reads:

"Locally, over 60 out-of-state volunteers and staff with the Eight Days of Hope Rapid Response team are staying at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Marion, IA until September 5 as they work each day with volunteers to clear debris, tarp roofs, gut water-damaged homes, and salvage personal property."

But, that's not all the group has done. It was announced on Friday, August 21st that they deployed a laundry trailer to the area to help out people who still don't have access to power. The unit contains eight washer and dryers and is currently located at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids. It will be operational Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Rapid Response Team Manager Dan Garrick told KCRG:

“We found this is a vital need in the community during a disaster is somebody to be able to have the dignity to have clean clothes to wear around. It’s bad enough you have trees on your house and may or may not be able to live in it and it hot and no air conditioning and it’d nice to just have clean clothes.”

To read more about Eight Days of Hope and the work that they do, click HERE.

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