Each day brings eastern Iowa closer to its own theme park and a new video is just adding to the excitement and anticipation.

It doesn't seem possible, but we first told you about Lost Island Theme Park coming to Waterloo 28 months ago. Since then, a huge amount of work has been going on at what will be a $100 million amusement park.

Cole Brown is the man behind the popular YouTube channel Park Pros. He's done a couple of videos since Lost Island Theme Park was announced. Here's what we've learned from the newest one.

Lost Island Theme Park will open with three different roller coasters. A suspended looping coaster, that was originally in a park in South Africa, was refurbished before arriving for installation in Waterloo. An Intaman accelerator coaster, first used in a theme park in Sweden, was also refurbished before its Iowa arrival. A brand new roller coaster is designed for families.

The centerpiece of Lost Island Theme Park will be its Ferris Wheel, which will have a lighting package that will no doubt set off the park at night.

Lost Island is also going to have a "volcano" with a dark ride inside, a drop and shot tower, and two different water rides... a splash battle and also a log flume. If you've missed the log ride at Adventureland, this will likely be terrific news to you. Brown says he believes Lost Island's log flume ride may have the largest footprint of any ride at the Waterloo theme park. The cars will feature side-by-side seating.

Lost Island will also have kid-themed rides and will have enough space in each section of the park to add additional rides. The ownership group, which includes Eric Bertch, also owns additional land next to the theme park. That could allow for expansion in the future.

During his visit, Brown got some insight into the park's five different realms, a very important part of the new theme park. In the video, he references Bertch, part of the ownership group that's also owned Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo for the last two decades. Brown says,

like the Water Park, the park's overall feel will take inspiration from Polynesia, Southeast Asia, and it's meant to create a tropical island-type of ambiance... I want to emphasize that this theme park will truly be a themed park. Bertch said that Silver Dollar City and Dollywood are what they feel like will be their closest competitors in the parks that they're trying to measure up to in terms of the amount of theming.

Here's what the realms will be known as and how they're described:

  • Awa (water): Respect the sea and let the currents guide you.
  • Mura (fire): Strength and courage are forged in fire.
  • Tamariki (spirit): Do good together, live well forever.
  • Udara (air): Knowledge + Wisdom=enlightment.
  • Yuta (earth) In preserving the earth, we preserve ourselves.

Lost Island Theme Park has a very picturesque setting, as you can see from the photo below. Right on the edge of a lake, when complete, this place is going to be strikingly beautiful.

Park Pros, YouTube
Park Pros, YouTube

This image below helps show you a little bit more about what to expect. You can also watch the video from Brown at Park Pros below as we continue to count down the months to an opening sometime in 2022.

Lost Island Theme Park
Lost Island Theme Park

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