If you like sweets, we have some great bakeries here in Eastern Iowa!

I came across a couple of articles this week from the website Eat This. They used online reviews, feedback from locals, and personal experience to come up with lists of the best cake in each state, as well as the best dessert. I'm happy to report that both of the winners for Iowa are located over in our half of the state!

Let's start with the best cake. According to the article from Eat This, the best cake in Iowa isn't actually a cake. It's cake pops! More specifically, the cake pops from Candle Ready Cakes in Dubuque. The company's website reads:

"The cake pops change themes and colors each week and are just the right size if you are looking for a tasty treat!"

In addition to cake pops, Candle Ready Cakes also offers specialty cakes for all different occasions, a variety of cupcakes, macarons, and edible cookie dough. You can check out all their options HERE.

If you prefer a different type of dessert, Eat This has another recommendation for you.  According to their list, the best dessert in the state is the Scotcheroos at Beyond the Bar Bakery in Decorah. Their website says that business was started in 2012 and that they "specialize in from-scratch baked goods which are on a rotating menu every day." Here's a look at their Scotcheroos:

As good as those look, I'm also interested in some of the other goodies on their Facebook page, including the Reese’s PB Cup Brownies, Cream Cheese Rhubarb Bars, Butterfinger Blondies, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies. You can read about all of the items they offer HERE.

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