A Cedar Falls home caught fire Monday morning. It reignited Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning, a third fire in the same 15-year-old house.

Cedar Falls firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen Monday morning at the home in the 1000 block of Rocklyn Street. The Habitat for Humanity home had a second kitchen fire Monday afternoon. The fire reignited while an insurance agent was inspecting the damage. The fire department had to be called again.

Homeowner Jeremy Sulentic told KWWL,

I am just grateful that it wasn't a loss and we were able to save what we could save. It could have been so much worse. It makes you look back at just how much work and all of the friends that you made building it. All the people that came together; how much stronger it made the family with the kids helping. I am just grateful it wasn't a loss.

No word on what caught fire this morning, but firefighters believe the first two were caused by the kitchen's electrical wiring. The family will be out of their home for at least half a year. They're also due for a change of luck. We wish them well.

[via KWWL]

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