It's a dream come true for a stock car driver to get their shot at a NASCAR track. That dream is becoming a reality for several eastern Iowa drivers.

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According to KCRG, Cedar Rapids resident and Hawkeye Downs racing legend Johnny Spaw, is one of the drivers getting the chance of a lifetime to race at Bristol Motor Speedway. The report states that Spaw won 8 late model points championships, and has recently been racing on dirt. He'll go up against some of the best dirt drivers in the country.

That's because according to Bristol Motor Speedway's website the "iconic half-mile bullring in Northeast Tennessee (Bristol) will be transformed into a state-of-the-art dirt racing facility" just in time for the Bristol Dirt Nationals March 15-20. You can see crews hard at work building the dirt track HERE.

It looks like Spaw has been hard at work too, getting his car ready for the big race. Check out how it's coming along in his post below:

Spaw isn't the only one getting this incredible opportunity though. Other local drivers will join him and take on the Bristol track. Spaw told KCRG,

This could be a one shot deal. We can only do this one time, that is the reason probably 50% of the people are going because you may only do it one time... we usually just watch the NASCAR guys race there"

Such a cool opportunity. KCRG reports that the track at Bristol has a 40-foot wide racing surface and "turns that are progressively banked from 24 to 28 degrees". That will be a challenge, as it's something that many of these drivers haven't experienced.

We'll be rooting for our Iowa drivers. Good luck!

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