If you're in the Iowa City area or have been around for a Hawkeye game, you may have came across a little coffee shop called Fair Grounds Coffeehouse. We're sad to report that they've announced that they will be closing up shop.

A report from Little Village stated that the owner of the shop, Steve and Christine Pernetti, made the announcement via their Facebook page.


The coffee shop was located one block south of the Iowa City Ped Mall, just off Burlington Street. It featured healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes, and even served as a venue for local musicians and artists.

As the Pernetti's mentioned in their open letter, the reasoning for closing was in part due to not having a viable business model. Despite the business side of things lacking, they still found a way to connect with the community.

Over time we became a focal point for bohemian artists from many origins. Almost seven hundred readers, dancers, and artists later, and we see ourselves reflected in that community." -Steve and Christine Pernetti

The owners are saddened to see their beloved little shop go, but will cherish the memories they've created there. We wish them the best!

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