Sports betting is now just one step away from becoming law in Iowa, but one eastern Iowa casino is already getting ready.

Last week, the Iowa Senate approved a bill to legalize sports betting in Iowa 31-18. Yesterday, the Iowa House approved the bill by a vote of 67-31, sending it to the desk of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. The Omaha World-Herald says if Reynolds signs it, sports betting could be legal at 19 state-run Iowa casinos by the 4th of July. Iowa's four Indian casinos could add sports betting as well.

Will Governor Reynolds sign the bill? US Bets says those in support of sports betting in Iowa are "cautiously optimistic." Catfish Bend Casino isn't waiting on the governor's signature.

Monday, Catfish Bend Casino announced they're building a new sports bar and betting facility at their casino in Burlington. According to the AP, it will have a video wall capable of showing several games at the same time, as well as betting odds.

11 months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to end Nevada's 25-year sports betting monopoly. Seven states ended up approving some type of sports betting before 2018 ended. At least 24 states are considering legalizing it, in some way, in 2019.

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