I recently received an email from the principal at my son's junior high school. It was a warning to parents to be on the lookout for a new trend in teen smoking. It is called 'juuling'. The device is a type of E-cigarette and it can deliver enormous amounts of nicotine in just one use.

How much nicotine? How about the same amount as one pack of cigarettes! The juul is very appealing to young people for another reason, and that is its design. It looks like a USB drive. In fact, you can charge it by plugging in into a USB port on your computer. It makes it tough for parents and other adults to spot the device at home or in schools. As with other e-cigs, it comes in a variety of flavors. In fact, the device has turned into a verb. 'Juuling' is the act of using the device, many times in public places and then shared on social media.

via ASAC
via ASAC

My son's school sent out the message in cooperation with ASAC, the area substance abuse council,  in an effort to educate parents. As the parent of a teenager, I can appreciate that. Cody Crawford with ASAC joined us on the show today to talk more about the 'juuling' trend.

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