As schools either resume classes or plan to start up again for the 2020-2021 school year, the threat of the coronavirus looms large. Many districts who have resumed classes have already seen cases emerge. Student and teachers alike have tested positive and now have to quarantine. What does this mean for other school's and they're plans on returning to learning?

On district hit hard this week is Dyersville Beckman. KCRG reports that despite the safety measures put in place to start their school year, many students and staff members have contracted the virus. Because of the outbreak of cases, the school has had to cancel it's football season opener against Iowa City Regina this Friday. Principal Marcel Kielkucki called the situation "and unfortunate call."

The principal told KCRG that the school wanted to make things as normal as possible during the school year for students and staff. But he said in order to continue to stay in school, there will be some things that they can't continue to do. Friday nights football game is the first of those things that won't be allowed.

KCRG reports that Kielkucki said that once a student tests positive, the staff works hard to do contact tracing, looking at everyone they had close contact with. Close contact is described as being within six feet of each other for longer than fifteen minutes. That information is then passed along to the Dubuque County Public Health Department. Kielkucki said that the school also sends out notifications to all families when someone tests positive.


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