I'm going to be completely honest with you. I have no idea what a 'double cup' is. I'm not really much of a hot coffee drinker. When I do get some, it's always iced, cold and full of mocha. So when Dunkin announced that they were getting rid of 'double cups' when it came to coffee I thought that this could be a big deal. It turns out its just part of the store getting rid of the foam and going to paper cups.

A 'double cup' by the way, is when you order a coffee and ask for a second foam cup for extra insulation. I get it, you want your hot coffee to stay warm for as long a possible. But as the company makes a move away from foam, the 'double cup' is going away too. Now apparently this is mostly a trend at Dunkin locations in the Northeast. That is where there is an active ad campaign telling customers that the 'double cup' is no longer an option. But Dunkin says that all foam cups will be eliminated worldwide by 2020.

So drink that hot coffee a little faster. Or do what I do. Order that bad boy iced. But don't hate on Dunkin. Commend them for getting rid of their foam cups. It's about time.


[via KCRG]

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