A Cedar Rapids video has gone viral, bringing smiles to thousands of faces across the U.S.

Cedar Rapids Police recently had to assist a mother duck and her ducklings from Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School. The mother and by my count 15 ducklings, were helped from a courtyard outside the high school through a room, hallway, and back outside to safety. Mama is one unhappy camper and there's definitely a sense of panic among the troops. What surprises me so much is just how quickly they can move. That and the fact that they almost look like baby Penguins as they walk along.

This definitely is the season for little ones among the bird populations of eastern Iowa. I grabbed this photo of two Canadian Geese and their goslings a couple Saturday night's ago in the Quaker Oats parking lot in downtown Cedar Rapids. Yesterday morning as I came to work, I'm pretty sure there was a nest of baby pigeons above me in the parkade. I decided not to look up, just in case they'd just eaten.

Bob James