So many cute babies!

Earlier this month, Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines announced the birth of two cotton top tamarins. Kida and Eddie welcomed the adorable twins into the world on Thursday, February 22nd! Cotton-Top tamarins are a critically endangered species, so the arrival of the babies was extra special for the zoo! Look how precious they are:

Kida and Eddie's twins aren't the only new addition to the Blank Park Zoo! Just a few days ago (March 22nd), the zoo announced on social media that they have seven new hoglets! Their ambassador hedgehog Cookie gave birth to two girls and five boys back on February 13th.

According to the Blank Park Zoo's Facebook page, Cookie the hedgehog is a first time mom and is doing a great job caring for her hoglets. The post reads: 

"As we approach the five week mark, the keepers shared that they are seeing increased activity and foraging, as the hoglets begin to venture away from mom more and become more independent. Ambassador supervisor, Kaylee, shared that they have begun eating solid foods and started to gain their own personalities."

Cookie is one of Blank Park Zoo's "ambassador animals." The purpose of an ambassador animal is to educate the public on a certain topic. For example, hedgehogs can be used to teach guests about responsible pet ownership. One of the hedgehogs will remain at the zoo in Des Moines, but the others will be placed as ambassador animals in other accredited facilities across the country.

For the latest updates about the new babies at Blank Park Zoo, you can follow the official Facebook page HERE.

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