*Dog pictured is not the dog referenced in the story.

People in a southern Iowa community are absolutely outraged after a dog that froze to death gets no justice.

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According to KCCI, a dog in Iowa's Decatur County froze to death Monday after being left outside in bitter cold temperatures. The dog's owner told Decatur County deputies that his dog was an "outside hunting dog" and that "he didn't think this would happen". The owner also told KCCI that the deputies told him that he would not face charges, since he was remorseful. As you can imagine, the Davis City community is now outraged.

Tracy Hill runs a "nonprofit animal shelter located about 40 miles from where the dog froze to death." It's called Animal Alliance Rescue Shelter. Hill said that this is a common problem when temperatures drop in Iowa, and that they see "half frozen" animals with bloody paws come in the shelter after being left outside.

I just wish that everybody would learn that animals are not just property. They actually should be part of the family. I do understand that some people have outside dogs, farm dogs, and that's fine. But they need to follow the guidelines on having adequate shelter against the elements,” Hill said.

What's even more frustrating is that the shelter will help provide dog houses to families in need. All the owners have to do is ask. Just think how many dogs could have not suffered had their owners just asked for help.

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