There was a terrible accident in southeast Iowa Thursday morning involving an SUV and a school bus. A woman admitted to authorities that she was looking at her cell phone on Highway 61 when she crashed into the back of a stopped school bus.

Elizabeth Sue Hahn was traveling southbound a mile north of Mediapolis when she hit the school bus as it was stopped to allow two students to get on.

Amazingly, despite Hahn's 2005 GMC Envoy being totaled, she wasn't injured in the accident. Authorities believe she was traveling 55 m.p.h. at the time of the crash.The school bus received only minor damage and no students were injured in the accident.

Deputies from the Des Moines County Sheriff's Office were on the scene at 7:46 this morning and closed the road to southbound traffic for about an hour.

Hahn was cited for failure to stop. Thank goodness no one was injured. We have to put those phones away. This time a lesson learned didn't result in the loss of life. Next time, we won't be so lucky.

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