This video is absolutely horrifying and amazing at the same time. Horrifying that someone could be paying so little attention behind the wheel and amazing (more like a miracle) that no one was killed.

This crash happened earlier today on I-35 near Iowa 210, according to the Iowa Department of Transportation Facebook page. WHAT is the driver of the semi doing?!

Some how, some way, no one was seriously hurt. July 1 a new law was put into effect in Iowa to prevent things just like this. The new law requires a driver to move over into the next lane for any vehicle pulled off on the side of the road. In the case of the semi above, it was pulled off for a blown tire. Iowa's new law against texting and driving is just over a year old, and seems to be having mixed results. It went into effect July 1, 2017.

The roads are dangerous enough, but to think that person coming up behind you may not be paying attention... that's simply terrifying.

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