Yesterday, I bemoaned the fact that my primary streaming service that I use to watch TV, Youtube TV, was raising their prices again. Yes, $50 a month is still cheaper than I paid for cable, but I pay for Youtube TV, Netflix, and HBO Now. What about the new services that are still to come? We got the first details yesterday on Disney Plus and at least to start, it won't break your bank.

Disney Plus will roll out on November 12th of this year for the price of...$6.99 a month. That's well below the $14 a month I pay for Netflix. You can also pay for an entire year at once, similar to what Amazon does with Prime for $69.99. While Netflix will still have a deeper library of original programming to draw from, Disney will boast it's entire film library from decades past. But make no mistake, it too will step into the original programming world in a big way.

On tap are shows like 'The Mandalorian', the first live-action Star Wars TV show. There is a planned sequel to the movie 'Rogue One', and Marvel fans will no doubt love the show centered on villain Loki played by Tom Hiddleston.

The low price point by Disney is smart marketing. If you want to go after Netflix and the other streamers, you have to have a low entry point. The material speaks for itself. But how long before Disney bumps their prices in a need to impress investors? They expect the new streaming service to turn a profit by 2024. Can they wait that long?


[via CBS2]

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