Something unique will open its doors the week of December 3. It's a diner and cereal bar that will be in Iowa City and pledges long hours with a post to their Instagram page that reads,

Diner & Cereal Bar

Welcome to Melk--It's early. It's late. It's whenever you're feelin' it.

Cereal shakes, breakfast all day and smashburgers in the heart of downtown Iowa City.

Melk will have more than 25 cereals, a variety of milk choices, fresh fruit to top off your favorites, and traditional breakfast items. Those will be available all day with sandwiches and burgers beginning in the afternoon.

Iowa City High grad, Jacob Pajunen, owns Melk and told the Daily Iowan,

We're just trying to do something different, be different.

The restaurant's executive chef, Gabriel Caballero, is committed to including vegan options. He says,

When I go out to eat downtown, I struggle to find good, solid short-order vegan options.

Caballero also believes the new restaurant will be a go-to for college students:

Melk is definitely going to be the spot at 1:30 in the morning once the students get back. A late-night party is the best kind of party, especially when food's involved.

Melk is located at 116 E. Washington St. in downtown Iowa City. Once University of Iowa students return from winter break, they hope to be open until 3 a.m.

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