There's a new hashtag floating that's turned into a fun game for us here at the station, and we want you to play along!

Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show and thought to yourself: "man, that character is EXACTLY LIKE ME!"? I watch a whooooole lot of TV shows and movies, so this happens to me all the time. There's a hashtag that's trending on Twitter asking people to "describe yourself in 3 fictional characters," and I put a lot of thought into my answer:

My choices were Liz Lemon from "30 Rock," Jessica Day from "New Girl", and Robin Scherbatsky from "How I Met Your Mother." I'd like to give honorable mentions to Chandler Bing from "Friends" and Tina Belcher from "Bob's Burgers." They almost made the cut.

His choices were Louie from "Louie," Jim Halpert from "The Office," and Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons." You know how much he loves his donuts!

Now it's your turn! #DescribeYourselfIn3FictionalCharacters in the comments section.

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